Olga Krykun (1994, Odesa, Ukraine) received her bachelor's degree from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (Studio of Supermedia) and pursued her master's degree in the Studio of Painting, which she received in 2021. Her thesis was nominated for the StartPoint Prize. During her studies she completed international internships at T.E.I. in Athens, The Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts, Konstfack – University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm and National Taiwan University of Arts. In 2022 she became a holder of Jindřich Chalupecký Award. Olga Krykun uses diverse types of media in her art work, including mainly video, objects and painting, which she subsequently assembles to create complex installations. By combining elements of fictional narratives with references to real cultural and socially relevant symbols, she invents a self-contradicting mythology of our day-and-age. Her practice is strongly rooted in intuition, emotion and personal experience, the elements of which are approached with a distinct visual style and specific aesthetic, making her works reminiscent of surreal visions or a kind of dreamlike trance, resulting in a highly suggestive viewer experience.


2016 – 2021, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Painting studio, Supermedia studio.
2019, National Taiwan University of Arts, MFA Fine Arts Departament.
2019, Konstfack, MFA Fine Arts Departament.
2018, The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Temporary Arts studio.
2016, The Department of Photography and Audiovisual Arts, T.E.I. of Athens.
2014 - 2016, The Ladislav Sutnar's Faculty of Design and Art of the University of West Bohemia, Intermedia studio.

Solo and duo exhibitions:

2022, Can you still remember this day? Wanda, Warsaw, Poland
2022, Forget-me-nots, Skala gallery, Poznan, Poland
2022, Kamenná křídla, Opero, Prague, Czech Republic
2021, The Garden of my hopes, online
2020, Four Trap Doors, Šachta, Prague, Czech Republic
2019, Dont Panic!, Galerie UM, Prague
2019, EnjoyeTV, Gallery Konstfack, Stockholm
2018, Gylptodon Expert Interview, City Surfer Office gallery, Prague
2018, Basic Instinct Special Cheese, Dum panu z Kunstatu, Brno
2018, Basic Instinct Spesial Cheeeese, with Adrian Altman, Kreslirna, Prague
2018, Basic Instinct Spesial Feat, with Adrian Altman, curated by Christina Gigliotti, Pragovka, Prague
2018, BAD FACE DAY, Sklad M1, Prague
2017, 720/027, NoD, Prague
2017, Freesome, Berlinskej model, Prague

Group exhibitions:

2022, Cena Jindřicha Chalupeckého 2022: Vše pevné se spojuje ve vzduchu, Veletržní palác, Národní galerie Praha, Czech Republic
2022, New Perspectives, Young Talents in Czech Art, Czech Center Seoul, South Korea
2022, Oheň a naděje / Fire and Hope, Galerie NTK, Prague, Czech Republic
2022, ARTakeaway, The next stop?, Prague metro, Czech Republic
2022, Say Something Nice, Povaleč, Czech Republic
2022, IS IT REAL? The power of your imagination, Off the 2022 festival, Katowice, Poland
2022, GVU Nachod, Nachod, Czech Republic
2022, Blasts Cries Laughter, Pragovka, Prague, Czech Republic
2021, Reality do you need me?, Four days, Prague, Czech Republic
2021, Beauty Bomb, ISSMAG, Moscow, Russia
2021, Apostasia: Rituals of Letting Go, Garage Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2021, BLACK BEEMER > WHITE BOOMER, GAMPA, Pardubice, Czech Republic
2021, This Mess We’re In, Svetova 1, Prague, Czech Republic
2021, NO ONE SURVIVES THESE EDGES, Galerie Favu, Brno, Czech Republic
2021, BLACK BEEMER > WHITE BOOMER, GAMPA, Pardubice, Czech Republic
2021, Vyšeart, Vyšehrad, Prague, Czech Republic
2021, Body Movement as a Space-Time (Dis)continuity, GAMU, Prague, Czech Republic
2020, DWELLING, Šopa gallery, Košice, Slovakia
2020, Soloshow: CHAPTER 2, soloshow.online
2019, Zhan yi, Yo-Chang Art Museum, New Taipei city, Taiwan
2019, Sinkhole project, Pankow cemetery, Berlin, Germany.
2019, NEVŠECHNO/NOTEVERYTHING, Des Fours Palace, Prague, Czech Republic.
2019, Videokemp, Convent of Saint Agnes, National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic.
2019, The Shadow of Dream cast upon Giardini della Biennale, Ukrainian pavilion, Venice, Italy.
2019, a river, a tool, an instep like a half-open book, Konsthall C, Stockholm
2019, Comunite pasta fresca, Kulturni a remeslny prostor Znak, Prague
2018, TB 2 RL, +DEDE, Berlin
2018, Come dine with Adrian Altman, Tv Prima, Berlinskej model
2018, Quiet Chamber, Noisy Heart, Holesovicka sachta, Prague
2018, KURS, Atelierhaus Klingental, Raum 103, Basel, Switzerland
2018, Fake Me - Break the Simulation - Be Awesome, galerie amu, Prague
2018, Temporary Arts TV, Bistro 8, Prague
2018, International Virtual Exhibition Unleashing Screensaver
2018, Supernova, Gallery NTK, Prague
2017, I've painted the gate red, now I think red was the wrong colour with Adrian Altman and Jakub Hajek, korpus., Prague
2016, Supermedia, Museum of Photography and Modern Visual Media, Jindrichuv Hradec
2016, Nevim, jak tohle dopadne, Galerie Sam83, Ceska Briza
2016, AiC Stefle, Galerie bratri Spillaru, Domazlice
2016, Young Art, STUDENT FEST Atelier Grid, Prague
2015, 'Don't. Just... don't.', Papirna, Pilsen
2014, Intermedia OPEN STUDIO, galerie Ve stredu, Pilsen
2013, Happening 'Boobs', NoD, Prague

Screenings and performances:

2021, Springs.video, It is my country even though I do not belong here, online
2021, Walk with me, Divadlo Alfred ve Dvore, Prague, Czech Republic, online.
2020, SlowTV at Divadlo X10, Prague, Czech Republic, online.
2017, Fx00136302, performance with Max Lysacek, Hala 17, Holesovicka trznice, Prague, Czech Republic


2022, Jindřich Chalupecký Award, laureate
2021, Start Point Prize, finalist


2015, AiC Stefle | Artists in Cottage
2022, Skala gallery, Visegrad Artist Residency, Poznan, Poland
2022, INI Project, Prague, Czech Republic